14 avril 2017

Mardi 18 mars 2017 Infuse Présente A Conspiracy of Cartographers avec Marco Fusi

Mardi 18 mars 2017
Infuse Présente
A Conspiracy of Cartographers avec Marco Fusi

bar et soupe à 20h00, 
musique à 21h00 
Entrée : 5 euros

Athena Corcoran - Tadd - Parla [&] tu - for Viola d'Amore (20’) - 2017 - WP
— 10’ intermission —
Pierluigi Billone - Equilibrio.Cerchio - for Violin (33’) - 2014 - french premiere

Corcoran - Tadd's "Parla [&] tu" explores the conflation of sound in space with the physicality of the instrument through mapping the movement of the performer's body in the performance space. 

"Equilibrio. Cerchio", which receives is French premiere in this program, is a work for solo violin by Pierluigi Billone, composed in 2014. The rituality embedded in the score loosely connects with the choral singing of the traditional tibetan music; the violin takes charge as well of the percussive punctuation of the vocal strophes, echoing the traditional cymbals and drums often used in those rituals.

Marco Fusi is a violinist, violist and composer and a passionate advocate for the music of our time. Among many collaborations with established and emerging composers, he has recently premiered works by Billone, Scelsi, Sciarrino, Eötvös, Cendo, Ferneyhough.
Marco has performed with Pierre Boulez, Lorin Maazel, Alan Gilbert, Beat Furrer, David Robertson, and frequently plays with leading contemporary ensembles including Klangforum Wien, MusikFabrik, Mivos Quartet, Ensemble Linea, Interface (Frankfurt), Phoenix (Basel), Handwerk (Köln).
His complete recording of John Cage’s Freeman Etudes was released by Stradivarius Records for Cage's Centennial celebrations in 2012; it was followed by the complete works for Violin and for Viola by Salvatore Sciarrino (Stradivarius, 2016) and by the monographic cd devoted to Billone, featuring Equilibrio. Cerchio, written for Marco.
Marco also plays viola d'amore, commissioning new pieces and collaborating with composers in order to promote and expand existing repertoire for the instrument.
Marco teaches Contemporary Chamber Music at the Milano conservatory “G. Verdi”.

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